Integration Architect in new ICT technologies

Integration Architect in new ICT technologies

30 January, 2018

Integration Architect role – with a big telecoms company:


As an integration Architect you will have to technically lead your large integration projects in networking, security, systems, data center, virtualization, Unified Communication, radio and software solutions. 

The person we are looking for has a good knowledge of IT networking, experience in engineering or architecture in one of the above domains and a good understanding of the other domains. With your technical leadership and the cooperation of experts, we can then look for an end-to-end integrated solution. You are also the trusted technical point of contact for the customer in cooperation with the Project Manager and our dedicated teams. 

Our department works exclusively for the top customers: these are customers for whom we have important recurring business activities in multiple ICT technologies and for which multidisciplinary resources are permanently granted. 

In this department we work with a team of architects with senior expertise, who have gained on-the-field experience in engineering during their careers. We know the daily reality in the context of executing projects, the daily operations and customer support and have a broad focus on all ICT domains. 


A successful Customer Solution Architect is able to execute following assignments:

  • During the pre-sales phase you will make a design and an estimate of the workload at a high level.
  • Once the project is sold, you design a detailed solution.
  • Based on the design and explanation of the pre-sales team, you set up a plan in close collaboration with the project manager.
  • You make further agreements with the customer and the operational teams about the requirements, supported by the Service Delivery Manager.
  • To build an end-to-end solution, you go into consultation with the technology experts.
  • You prepare the technical document that contains the building blocks of the solution.
  • You submit this solution for approval to the customer. You will work together with the Project Manager for this.
  • During implementation, you can solve problems with the engineers and the Project Manager: new requirements, components that do not work as expected, changing requirements.
  • You win the trust of the customer through the months in which you work together and you can formulate technical advice and recommendations to the customer.
  • You have excellent communication skills. You are customer-oriented
  • You work with your colleagues and quickly get the information you need from the technology experts.
  • You are able to work independently
  • You have at least 7 years of experience in the ICT world.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of IT networks.
  • You have either a broad knowledge in multiple domains in the ICT world (networks, security, systems, data centers, virtualisation, Unified Communications) or a thorough knowledge in one of these domains.
  • You have already made technical designs for large projects.
  • You read and speak Dutch and English.


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